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The “Del Grillo” tomato sauce is produced from tomatoes from organic farming, which are grown on our farm land.

The variety of our tomatoes is called Siccagno, deriving from the Italian word secco, “dry”. The soil of our land is sandy, very little water is employed, and thus our tomatoes ripen and grow exclusively thanks to natural humidity. The local difference between day and night temperatures plays a role in this process, since our land is at an average elevation of 400 mt. (984 feet) above sea level.


Once the tomatoes are adequately ripened, they are picked and selected rigorously by hand and processed without the employment of any other ingredients or preservatives.

They are cooked at a temperature of 60°C (140 oF) in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of both the raw material and the sauce. Finally, once the product is packaged, sterilization occurs in order to ensure its conservation.